31 December 2005

The Year 2005 has been a very exciting year.
Antony became BOB and BIG -2 at Crufts 2005.
.Antony won also 3 times the Toygroup and was 2 times res BIS
and BIS.Antony was also BIS at theChampionClubmatch of The English PapillonClub !!
Antony was also BIS at the Championclubmatch of the
Dutch Papillon and Phaleneclub.BOB and BIG-3 Bundessieger 2005(Germany),
BOB Amsterdam Winner 2005.

His offspring did also excellent.Up and Down's Frederike fifth place
at the Limit Class at Crufts and 4th place at the Limit Class at the
Championclubmatch of The English Papillonclub.
In September he got the title Luxembourg Champion!!!
Frederike was res Best Male at the Championclubmatch 2005 of the
Dutch Papillon and Phaleneclub .
Frederike was also res Best Male at the Winner 2005!!
What a great results for this little Papillon!!
Boy of Tony you don't fool Me El Afrafi,was BIS at the Spring Clubmatch,
he was just one year old!!!.In September he got the title Luxembourg Champion.
Up and Down's Donna Bella got third place at the Open Class at the Crufts 2005.
At the ChampionClubmatch 2005 of the Dutch Papillon and Phaleneclub
she was Best Bitch!.In February Donna Bella got her title Belgium Champion.
Up and Down's Giorgio,owner Mrs. Charlotte McGowan became at the tender age
of only 8 months USA Champion,he was shown 5 times and he got 4 times
Major and was 3 times res Best Puppy in Group.
Up and Down's Girl Just Want Have Fun was Best Puppy of Breed
at the ChampionClubmatch 2005 of the Dutch Papillon and PhaleneClub.
Also my new Import from Sweden did excellent this year.
Siljans Averil from got the title Luxembourg Youth Champion in September.
At the Amsterdam Winner 2005 she got the Title Amsterdam Youth Winner!!
Thank you Ulla Hannis for sending this lovely bitch to Holland!
Another Import from Australia Mondelise Lord O Delight became Best Puppy of Breed
at the Amsterdam Winner Show.Jordan was later shortlisted with the last seven!!
Thank you Don and Sharon Mahoney for this outstanding little boy!
I also hope that my 2 USA girls from the Famous Loteki Kennel will be a tribute to
my breeding program.
Thank you Lou Ann for sending these 2 lovely girls to me.
Another Import is my girl from Japan.Platinum Power JP Miss Madono.
A lovely black and white bitch!! Thank you so much Asa Madono!
Austrene Academy Award bred by Marian Sloan,came over to Holland.
I hope he will be a tribute to my Phalenebreedingprogram.
Thank you so much Marian for sending this lovely boy to Holland!!
My lovely Phalenemale Zorroman From Gemini's Home got the title Dutch Champion
at the International Show at Bleijswijk.
Zorroman is bred by Fransien van Linder van Hoeij.Thank you Fransien for Zorro!
Up and Down's Classic Carusso was Europasieger 2005 BOB,Bundessieger 2005.
Up and Down's Axel was Amsterdam Winner 2005 BOB
Djacintha Di Papalino was BundesjugendSieger and BOB and just one year!!!
Amsterdam Youth Winner 2005.Djacintha was bred by the family Verhelst.
Thank you for this lovely girl!!!
Up and Down's Boing Boing Teigetje got the Title European Champion 2005!!
Teigetje is now owned by Maud Pettersson of the famous Skymningen's Kennel.
My 2 Phalenegirls Up and Down's Agnetha and Myrna Jacintha van Coshira
are exported to the Famous Mondelise Kennel in Australia.
Good Luck Don and Sharon with the 2 girls!!
It was an excellent and exciting year for the Up and Down's Kennel.!!

The Amsterdam Winner Show 3-4 December 2005
Mondelise Lord O Delight Best Puppy of Breed,
and later he was shortlisted with the last 7!!(Over 100 puppies)
Antony Winner 2005 and BOB,
Up and Down's Frederike(sire Antony),got res CAC and CACIB!!
Siljans Averil Youth Winster 2005!!!




Up and Down's Axel Winner 2005 and BOB!!
Djacintha di Papalino Youth Winster 2005 !!
Skymningen's Meduza res CAC and CACIB!!

A great Weekend with Great Results at the most prestigious
Show of the Year in Holland,The Amsterdam Winner!!!

At the Amsterdam Winner Show,as well Up and Down's Axel,
Winner 2005 and BOB and Charissa di Papalino Winster 2005
and Djacinto di Papalino Youth Winner 2005
and Djacintha di Papalino Youth Winster 2005
were all sired by Skymningen's Nicholas!!!
A Big Thank to Maud Pettersson for sending
Nicky to Holland to the Up and Down's Kennel!!

I am proud to anounce the arrival of my new Phaleneboy Austrene
Acameday Award bred by Marian Sloan from Ireland.
His Dame is the Famous CruftsWinner 2005 Sunshoo Imamovie Premiere!!!
I am very greatfull to Marian Sloan to sent Elwood over to Holland
to the Up and Down's Kennel.!!
I hope he will be a tribute to my Phalenebreeding programm this year
Elwood is just a little charming Phaleneboy!!!
Thank you Marian for Elwood.

At the Amsterdam Winner I also met The Artist Deirdre Ashdown.
Together with Mike Foster she wrote the CISPAP book.
I think the BEST BOOK about the Papillons and Phalenes!!!
There are so many beautifull drawings and photos and it is also very educational!!!
It was a great privilage to meet an Artist like Deirdre Ashdown!!

I am proud to announce that Friday the 25 November my 2 USA girls from the famous
Loteki Kennel arrived at Schiphol Airport.
USA Champ. Loteki Late Night Soiree and
Loteki Just Royalty.
Photos of these 2 lovely girls are coming soon.
Many,many thanks Lou Ann for sending these 2 lovely girls to Holland!!

Last Sunday 6 November

at the International Show at Bleijsweijk,
Zorroman from Gemini's Home,
bred by Fransien van Linder van Hoeij
from Holland,
got his last CC to become
Dutch Champion!!!
The breed was judged by the
breedspecialist Mrs.J.Toebak.
Zorro was also BOB!!

Also Antony became BOB and later he was BIG-5!!!
His son Up and Down's Frederike got the res CC.A greta day with great results

My little Papillonbitch from Sweden Siljans Averil won the Youthclass,she got Excellent!!
My Phalenebitch Djacintha di Papalino got at the age of just 12 Months her first CC out of Youth Class.Djacintha is bred by Family Verhelst from Belgium.

Here a new photo of my Little Aussie,Mondelise Lord O Delight.Thank you Don and Sharon from the famous Mondelise Kennel,for sending this Beautifull Quality Boy to Holland.


Here a new photo of my beautifull Japanese Girl,Platinum Power JP Miss Madona.Thank you so much Asa for sending this beautifull Japanese Girl to Holland!!

Dortmund Bundessieger Show

At the same Show my Phalenemale Up and Down's Classic Carusso was Best Male and Bundessieger 2005
Djacintha di Papalino(out of Skymningen's Nucholas x Yentli van de Klaverbeek) bred by fam. Verhelst Kennel Di Papalino,became BundesJugendsiegerin 2005 and on the tender age of one year she was also BOB!!!!And the next day she forgot that she was a little Showgirl!!

Dortmund 14-15-16 October 2005,
International Bundessieger Show.Judge Mrs. Johanna Billhardt.
Antony was BOB and Bundessieger 2005(Bundessieger 2002,2003,2004) and BIG-3!!!

At the International Show at Maastricht 17-18 September Tony was BIS.The breed was
judged by breedspecialist Mr.Hans Hilverda,the group was also judge by Mr. Hilverda and the
BIS was judged by Mr. J. van Soest.Again a great day with a great end!!!becoming BIS!!!!!
My new Swedish import Siljans Averil got from Mr. Hilverda the first CC.She was Best bitch at such a young age!!!
Thank you Ulla Hanis for this beautifull girl from your wellknown and famous Kennel.

Thursday the 22 September my little Japanese girl arrived.
Platinum Power JP Miss Madono.Thank you Asa Madono for sending this beautifull girl to me.

Sunday the 25 September the Dutch Papillon and Phaleneclub held her Championclubmatch.
The judge was breedspecialist Mr. Jo Scheepers.
Best Male puppy was Mondelise Lord O Delight,bred by Don and Sharon Mahoney.
Thank you Don and Sharon for this little beautifull Aussie
Best Male,Best Papillon and Best in Show was Antony.
Res. Best Male was Up and Down's Frederike(sire Antony)
Best Bitch Puppy and Best Puppy was Up and Down's Girls just Wanna Have Fun(sire Antony)
Best Bitch was Up and Down's Donna Bella,also sired by Antony.I also want to mention the First bitch from Europe!!
who got CC at Paignton,England,judge Mrs. Branburry.She was also res.
Best Bitch at Crufts 2004.!!!
Up and Down's Axel was Res. Best Male Phalene and Skymningen's Meduza was
Res. best Bitch,at 6 year!!!She is still going strong.
Djacintha di Papalino was Best Youthbitch Phalene and her litterbrother Djacinto di Papalino,
bred and ownde by Fam. Verhelst was Best Youthmale Phalene.
Charissa di Papalino was Best Bitch Phalene.As well Djacintha,Djacinto as Charissa are sired by Skymningen's Nicholas.
I want to thank Maud Pettersson from the Skymningen's Kennel for sending Skymningen's Nicholas to me.
He has been such a great tribute to the Phalenes as well in Holland as in Belgium.Thanks Maud!!!
If you want to see some photos ,visit the webpage of the Dutch Papillon and Phaleneclub.www.ppcn.nl
Enjoy your visit!!

At the Championclubmatch of the Dutch Papillon and PhaleneClub SIljans Averil,
my beautifull Swedish girl,became Best Youthbitch Papillon

At International Show at Luxembourg ,3 September 2005,Siljans Averil got the title
Luxembourg Youthchampion at her first Show!!!

The 31 August my little boy ,Jordan from Australia ,arrived safely at Amsterdam Airport.
His full name is Mondelis Lord O Delight.He is bred by Don and Sharon Mahoney from
the famous and very succesfull Mondelise Kennel.
Thanks Don and Sharon for sending this lovely boy to Holland!!
The Sire of Jordan is Powdermill a Touch of Art Nouveau and the Dame is Nouveau my Delight.
I am very proud to have a puppy with the beautifull Nouveau lines(Mike Foster and Mark Billinghurst)  in his pedigree.A BIG thank to Don and Sharon Mahoney from the Mondelise Kennel for my new boy JORDAN.

Last week when I visited Sweden I took home this lovely Papillonbitch from the famous Siljans Kennel.It is a great honour to have a beautifull Papillonbitch from this Kennel.Thank you so much Ulla Hanis for letting go Siljans Averil to Holland!!!


Last week I visited Maud Pettersson from the Famous Skymningen's Kennel.It was really nice to talk with Maud about the Phalenes.She has bred beautifull Phalenes and I was happy that Up and Down's Boing Teigetje is going to live with Maud.Good Luck with Teigetje.I also met Ulla Hanis from the Famous Siljans Kennel.She had brought some lovely Papillons with her among them was the welknown Siljans My Man,Manne.It was a lovely Papillon.It was nice to talk with these 2 ladies about the Papillons and the Phalenes.Nice to know that there are people who are really dedicated to the breed.

Coming soon to Europe this beautifull example of a Japanese bred Papillon .
Her name is Platinum Power JP Miss Madono.

Thank you Asa Madono of the famous Madono Kennel for sending this beautifull girl to Europe.

At the European Dog Show Tulln 2005 Up and Down's Boing Boing Teigetje became European Champion and Charissa di Papalino became also European Champion and BOB.Both Phalenes were sired by Skymningen's Nicholas.Nicky has been a great tribute to my Phalenes.He has proven to be a great sire.Up and Down's Agnetha was Youth World Winner 2002 and Best Bitch of the World 2002.Her litterbrother Up and Down's Axel was also Youth World WInner 2002 and in 2003 he became World Champion.In 2003 Up and Down's Agnetha became European Champion 2003 and BOB.And in 2005 he was the sire of the European Winners.What an achievement.I want to thank Maud Pettersson from the famous Skymningen's Kennel for sending Skymningen's Nicholas to me.THANKS!!!!

Beste reu Up and Down's Boing Boing Teigetje en Charissa di Papalino(fam. Verhelst Belgium) Best Male and best Female(BOB) at European Dog Show Tulln 2005.


Photo of the Crufts Winner 2005  out of an entry of over 200 papillons.


Dog CC Winner & BOB  and Group 2

CH. Antony

Owned by Miss C Rutten


Judge Mrs. Carolyn Roe from the well known Sunshoo Kennel


Friday 11 march 2005 Antony wrote HISTORY.He was not only BOB out of an entry of over 200 Papillons(judge Mrs. Roe) but was also Res.BIG.of the Toygroup.(judge Mrs.Somerfield).

Thank  you Carolyn Roe(Sunshoo Kennel) for recognizing Tony’s qualities!!!!!!!! and I was so happy and proud that he became second in the Toygroup.!!!!It was a GREAT DAY with a GREAT END. Thanks both Mrs. Roe and Mrs. Somerfield for their great judging!!!!



It was also a great day for his offspring.MultiChampion Up and Down’s Donna Bella got 3 place in Open Class out of an entry of 16.And Belgian Junior Winner 2004 Up and Down’s Frederike got 5 place in Limit Class out of an entry of 21!!!!!!


Results and the the comments of the judge Mrs. Carolyn Roe


I felt it was a great honour to be invited to judge Papillons at Crufts 2005 and was greatly looking forward to it, and I would like to thank the exhibitors from here in the UK and from around the world that gave me the privilege of judging their dogs. Open dog was a really tremendous class , and the atmosphere was quite electric both in and out of the ring, I certainly enjoyed myself. On the day dogs were of far more quality in depth than the bitches, and I was amazed by the total lack of body and condition in a lot of the exhibits, the coat can hide a multitude of things. I was how ever delighted with my principal winners my Dog CC and Best Of Breed Ch Anthony has the most lovely outline on the move and standing and was very animated which is a joy to see. My bitch CC Ch Serenglade Enchanted Lady For Temelora, is the type of bitch you would like to have in your own kennel, a real dual purpose girl! My two reserve CC winners first the dog Queen Bless JP Top Gun and the bitch Ch Burghbridge Our Princess both had the qualities I was looking for. Best Puppy Inixia Crown Jewel whilst obviously still a baby, shows plenty of promise.

Vet D (8,2) 1 Peacock’s Ch Alcala Ringleader. Quality Red Sable dog, in excellent condition, well shaped head, dark eyes, large well set ears, nice expression, good ribcage and body, level topline, well set and carried tail, moved with drive, keeping a good outline. 2 Needham’s Ch Marshlea Ambassador. Typical head and expression, dark eyes, good neck, level topline, good length of tail, moved with ease. 3 Morrell and Teague’s Ch Serenglade Sebastian at Temelora. Black and white with large well set mobile ears, good outline, well set and carried tail, moved with drive.. Back’s Kazkell Tai Chi.

SpPD (11,1) 1 Stanbury’s Inixia Wily Willum. Eye catching black and white of promise, nice head and expression, large well set mobile ears, good ribcage, level topline well set tail, good hind angulation, excellent outline both on the move and standing, moved positively. 2 Patrick’s Volpecula Vanity’s Mirror. Very sweet with typical head and expression large mobile ears but not the outline of number one, should hopefully body up with maturity. 3 Leiper’s Calajoy Dougal McShuggle. Ultra fine, large well set and fringed ears, level topline, well carried tail, good coat. 4 Pemberton and McNamara’s Lynbank Smartie Jones.

SpJD (11,1) 1 Stanbury’s Inixia Crown Jewel. Quality type all through, immature as you would expect from one of this age, Lovely head of good proportions, dark expressive eyes giving a sweet expression, large well set ears, fine boned, good spring of rib, well set and carried tail, movement good, Best Puppy. 2 Sloan’s Austrene Academy Award. Red sable, of excellent construction and with a good body, well shaped head, good neck and shoulders, strong top line well set and carried tail, in lovely coat and condition, moved well coming and going. 23 Leverett’s Glasafon Succession. Black and white well proportioned head, nice expression, level topline, good tail set. 4 Cochrane’s Tutyak Teddyboy.

YD (15,3) 1 Davidson’s Daginifee Barney Bubbles. Red sable. Lovely quality and type, excellent head and sweet expression , dark expressive eyes, large well set ears, good spring of ribs, good body, level top line, well set and carried tail, coming into nice coat and furnishing, moving well and keeping a good outline throughout, 2 Bruce and Bruce-Jackson’s Macstrak Classic Jazz. Well presented dog who is profusely coated, large well set and mobile ears, good topline and tail set, good out line moved with ease. 3 Banfield’s Farleysbane I Rang M’Lord at Kingshaven. Tri colour well presented dog in good coat, 4 Osborne’s Tykkydewas Masterdarcy.

PGD (17,1) 1 Casey’s Shamal Rum Punch. Dainty black and white who was well presented, good hind angulation settled down to move and make the most of himself.. 2 Orchard and Stanbury’s Serenglade Wings of Victory for Inixia. Nice head and expression, large well set ears, good tail carriage. 3 Stanbury’s Inixia Know All. A little unsettled with his surroundings, nice type, good head and large ears,4 Duggan’s Glasafon Royal Gold of Harlesyke.

MidLD (7) 1 Verity’s Macstrak Minuet JW Sh CM. Fine boned red sable, good topline, dark eyes, good coat 2 Peacock’s Shamal Fable of Alcala. Sable and white with good body, level top line, well set on tail, moved well 3 Colyer’s Shirando Officer Dibble. Black and white with large ears and long fringes, rather unsettled 4 Deamer’s Bankshill Isle of Lewis.

LD (21,2) Banfield’s Amicae Star Charm at Kingshaven. Tri colour in good coat, well shaped head, dark eyes, nice expression good neck and shoulders good rib cage level topline moved well and showed off his virtues. 2 Bruce and Bruce-Jackson’s Tijuana Melody Maker. Black and white in abundant coat, very sweet expression, good head shape, strong top line good body good tail carriage, moved confidentially 3 Danginifee Barney Rubble. 4 Stanbury’s Inixia Troysdale Time Travel.

OD (21) 1 Rutten’s Ch Anthony [ATC AB00362EST) The first thing that strikes you about this dog is his lovely out line, which comes from a good reach of neck and well laid shoulders, a strong topline, and good tail set put this together with positive movement, his head is of good proportions, with a good stop, dark eyes, large mobile ears with good fringes, and finish off with good coat and bit of ‘sparkle’ CC and BOB and delighted to see him go reserve in the toy group. 2 Banfield & Chie Ejima, Vesa Toivanen, Jan’s Queen Bless JP Top Gun. [ATC AE00767JPN] Kept his handler on her toes, red sable in good coat and furnishings, well shaped head, dark expressive eyes, large well fringed mobile ears, good reach of neck, good rib cage, level topline, good tail set, good hind quarters, moved with drive. Reserve CC 3 Scovell’s Caswell Classic Tri. Tri colour, nice shaped head , well set ears, good rib cage and body, level topline, well set and carried tail, moved with ease. 4 Stevens’ Tawzan Fun and Fancy Free.

GOOD CIT D (2) 1 Verity’s Macstrak Minuet JW Sh CM. 2 Davidson-Poston’s Ir Ch Ibstock Bright Spark for Spinillons Sh CM. Black and white with a nice out line ,in good coat and carrying a good body



Puppy's Born 2 males and 1 female
Antony x Pepejas Lady Smaragd

February 2005 the Famous Artist Deirdre Ashdown
visited my Kennel.She made lovely photos of my dogs!!!
Deirdre Ashdown is also the author of the Milleniumbook and
she is also the author of her New Book the New Illustrated Standard.
I saw some lovely drawings.If you are interested you can contact
Deirdre Ashdown email address d.ashdown@tiscali.co.uk