Up and Down's

September 2005
Today at International Show at Luxembourg,
3 September 2005,Up and Down's Frederike got his last CC to become
Luxembourg Champion.
Judge was breedspecialist Mr. Nicholas Kuffer form Luxembourg.Maastricht at International Show
17-18 September Up and Down's Frederike got res CACres CACIB
Championclubmatch of the Dutch Papillon and PhaleneClub Up and Down's Frederike got res CAC!!!

April  2005
At the Champion Club Show at 24 April
I also entered Up and Down's Frederike.
He became 4 out of an entrie of 26!!
Great result of such a young dog!!!

March 2005
Crufts 5 place Limit Class
out of an entry of 21!!!!
Judge Mrs. Carolyn Roe

Spring Clubmatch
Papillon and Phaleneclub Holland
1 place breederclass www.ppcn.nl

judge Mrs. Will de Vries Hoogland

Luxembourg CACL
1 place Open Class res CACIB
judge Mrs Irene Gonzales - Moreno

Leeuwarden res.CAC 1 place YouthClass
Mr. Joachim Weinberg

February 2005
BOB International Show Hoogstraten
Judge Mr. Jo Scheepers .

January 2005
BOB Clubmatch Waalwijk
judge Mr Hans van den Berg. BIG-4

BOB Clubmatch Rijssen
judge Mr. Hans Hilverda .BIG-3