Up and Down's
Zorro Man from Gemini’s Home

Last Sunday 6 November

at the International Show at Bleijsweijk, Zorroman from Gemini's Home,
bred by Fransien van Linder van Hoeij from Holland,
got his last CC to become Dutch Champion!!!
The breed was judged by the breedspecialist Mrs.J.Toebak.
Zorro was also BOB!!


Spring Clubmatch  Papillon and Phaleneclub
2 place Open Class
judge Mrs. Will de Vries Hoogland

Luxembourg Intermediate Class
1 place CACL
judge Mrs.Irene Gonsalez - Moreno


Castrop Rauxel BOB
judge Mr. Walter Schicker


Clubmatch Waalwijk BOB
judge Mr. Hans van den Berg

Rijssen Clubmatch BOB and BIG -6
judge Mr. Hans Hilverda