20 Juli,
Luik,Belgium Mrs. Drennan,Ireland

Papillon Siljans Averil,CAC CACIB and BOS.....

Phalene Temeloras Nicholas Gift CAC CACIB and BOB against some strong competition.....

13 Juli,
Clubshow of the Griffon and Papillons and Phaleneclub Belgium,judge Mrs de Ridder,

I only entered Phalenes,They were beautifull groomed and presented by Leentje Verhelst,Kennel Di Papalino.And by Dorien Dierickx.Thank You!!!

Phalene Vermeil Des Charmes D'Antan CAC

Phalene Djacinta Di Papalino CAC


Caspian's Fairy Tale res CAC ...............and NEW BELGIUM CHAMPION!!! This beautifull bitch has now 2 titles,Dutch and Belgium Champion and Belgium Winner 2008 in just a year.......

The 4 Juli
 I visited the WW Show at Sweden(I didn't have any dogs with me!!),It was lovely to see the Papillons and Phalenes from
all around the World!Congratulations to all the Winners!!!!

29 June,
Uden, Netherlands,mrs. Zwaartman (The Netherlands)
Our guest from the UK Powdermill Sweet Touch Spinillons CAC CACIB and BOB and BIG-3 WOW!!!
Up and Down's High Noon CAC CACIB and BOS!!!

Noble Nadirs Jeppe(Up and Down's Teigetje son!) CAC CACIB and BOB
Temeloras Nicholas Gift CAC CACIB and BOS!


22 June,
Brussel,Belgium,Judge Mr. Machetanz,(Germany)

Again a Superday For the Up and Down's kennel.....

Alex First Choice CAC CACIB and Belgium Winner 2008and BOB and BIG-2 under the famous
Mr.PIckardt.If you know the breedstandard you cant overlook a dog like Alex First Choice.........

Up and Down's High Noon CAC CACIB and BOS and Belgium Winner 2008


Up and Down's Axel CAC CACIB and Belgium Winner 2008 and BOB and BIG-2 Belgium Breeds........
Temeloras Nicholas Gift CAC CACIB and Belgium Winner 2008 and BOS
Elendil Alouette Belgium Junior Winner 2008..................


Alex First choice Belgium Champion!!!

What a Super Day!

15 June,
Hulten ,Netherlands,judge Mr. Doedijns,

Our little guest from the UK,from Jo Davidson-Poston,Powdermill Sweet Touch Spinillons,


was shown by me and what a Super day with Super results!!! Powdermill Sweet Touch Spinillons CAC CACIB
and BOB!!! And BIG,under Mrs Zwaartman and later res.BIS under Mr. Deutscher.....................................WOW!

Up and Down's High Noon CAC CACIB and BOS.....................and Dutch Champion and International Champion.....
Our little girl finished these titles at the tender age of 28 months..........

Temeloras Nicholas Gift CAC CACIB and BOS

8 June
Lyon,France,Championat De France,judge Mr. Hermel,President of the French Papillon and Phalene Club

Papillon Alex First Choice did it again!! Under a Strong Competition he took the BOB with Superb critics of Mr Hermel!!!!

Phalene Up and Down's Axel. Winner Open Class! French CAC to be come French Champion ! A great dog who is still going strong! Also Up and Down's Axel got great Critics from Mr Hermel!.

1 June
Clepnaco Winner 2008 Belgium ,judge Mr.
Jorgensen Leif (Denmark)

What a Succesfull Day For the Up and Down's kennel........

Papillon Up and Down's Frederike CAC Best Male,BOB and ...........BIS CLEPNACO WINNER 2008!! .
Today Frederike also finished his Belgium Champion Title in Style! Two Times Winner of
Clepnaco with a Huge Entry...............It Shows the Superb Quality of this little boy!!!!!

Siljans Averil CAC Best Bitch.Again a great result for this Superfeminine Butterfly!


Up and Down's High Noon(Antony x Loteki Late Night Soiree) res.CAC.What a result to get the CAC and res CAC!!!

Phalene Up and Down's Axel CAC ,Best Male and BOS! This beautifull boy is still going strong!
Temelora Nicholas Gift res CAC!
Elendil Alouette Best Youth Phalene.


17 Mai
Aalst Wieze,Belgium,judge Mrs. Heine,

Papillon Up and Down's High Noon CAC CACIB and BOS

Phalene Temelora Nicholas Gift CAC CACIB
Elendil Alouette Best Youth and.....................what a great result for her first Show BOB!!

10 Mai, 2008
International Show,Arnhem,judge Mrs. Dekaristou,

Caspian's Superlight,Papillonbitch,BEST YOUTH!,BEST BITCH,CAC and BOS,
AND DUTCH YOUTH CHAMPION!!!!Under very great competition!!


Temelora's Nicholas Gift,CAC,CACIB and BOB!!! 


Canelle Up And Down Des Charmes D'Antan.




19 April 2008
Lingen(Germany)International Show, judge Mrs. Billhardt

Alex'First Choice VDHCAC,club CAC, CACIB and BOB!and shortlisted in the group!
Up and Down's Higher and Higher,winner Open Class,VDH CAC

Up and Down's High Noon,VDH CAC,Club CAC,CACIB and BOS


Temelora's Nicholas Gift,bred by mrs Sue Morell and Thesbina Teague,
out of Skymningen's Nicholas and Uk Champion!Serenglade Satanya For Temelora(bred by Mrs Greenslade,
famous Phalenebreeder in UK!).on her first Show she got excellent critics VDH CAC Club CAC and CACIB and BOS

Genk(Belgium) 26 April 2008,CAC Show,judge

Boy Of Tony You Don't Fool Me El Afrafi CAC,Best Male and BOB! BELGIUM CHAMPION!! ,shortlisted in the group!!!

Siljans Averil CAC,Best Bitch and BOS

Dortmund (Germany),Europasieger Show,3 Mai 2008,judge mr. Machetanz

Alex'First Choice VDH CAC,Club CAC,CACIB,Europasieger 2008 and BOB!!!! With very strong competition!

Up and Down's High Noon ,winner Open Class,VDH CAC!


Temelora's Nicholas Gift ,VDH CAC and res CACIB!

It was a great day with Super results!

Unna (Germany) 4 Mai 2008,National Show,judge mr. Pohlmann

Alex'He's Jack Sparrow,Best Juniormale,VDH Youth CAC


Noble Nadirs Jeppe,VDH CAC,Club CAC Best male,BOS
Temelora's Nicholas Gift,VDH CAC,Club CAC,Best bitch,BOB

Again a great day with EXCELLENT RESULTS!!

13 April ,
Championclubshow,Papillonclub UK.

Alex'First Choice ,3 Open Class.BEST FRINGED PAPILLON IN SHOW

Siljans Averil ,2 Open Class,Res best Bitch!
Up and Down's High Noon,2 Limit Class

Thanks for all the people who all thought so highly about my Papillons! And the way they said how a true Papillon should look!

16 March 2008

Leiden(Netherlands)International Show, ,judge Mr. Nethercott


Alex'First Choice CAC CACIB


Noble Nadirs Jeppe CAC CACIB and BOB!!

Skymningen's Meduza CAC Veteran ,BOS

Leeuwarden(Netherlands)International Show, 24 march 2008,judge Mr. vd Weijer

Alex'First Choice CAC CACIB
Alex'He's Jack Sparrow Best Youth and res best Male!

GraceFull Ginny From Salamandertal Best Youth Bitch!!

Skymningen's Meduza Veteran CAC and BOB!!!!Phalene!!!

Goes (Netherlands) International Show,5 April 2008,judge Mrs. De Wilde

Alex'First Choice CAC CACIB and BOB!
Alex 'He's Jack Sparrow Best Youth and DUTCH YOUTHCHAMPION!!!


Canelle Up and Down Des Charmes D'Antan best Youth and res Best Bitch and DUTCH YOUTH CHAMPION!!!
Skymningen's Meduza Veteran CAC and BOB and DUTCH VETERAN CHAMPION!!!


Crufts 6 March 2008,
UK, Mr. Uqhuart,(Blackpark Papillons)

Winner Veteran Class Antony.......................
Open Class Alex First Choice 6 place Open Class Siljans Averil (bitch) 5 place..........................
That was it.......................

2 March 2008
Springclubmatch Papillon and Phaleneclub Netherlands,
Heteren(Netherlands) judge Mrs. Zwaartman


Winner Youth Class Male Alex'He's Jack Sparrow(Sire Alex'First Choice)
Winner Open Class Male Up and Down's Higher and Higher(Sire Antony)
Winner Breeder Class Male Up and Down's Frederike(Sire Antony)
Winner Champion Class Male Alex'First Choice(co owned with Lotta Alexandersson)

Winner Breeder Class Female Up and Down's High Noon(Sire Antony)


Winner Intermadiate Class Male Noble Nadirs Jeppe(Sire Up and Down's Boing Boing Teigetje)
Winner Open Class Male Up and Down's Classic Carusso(Sire Lupus Gaars Zeb)
Winner Breeder Class Male Up and Down's Axel (Sire Skymningen's Nicholas)
Winner Champion Class Male Zorro Man From Gemini's Home(Dame Up and Down's Bo Peep Bambi)

Winner Youth Class Female Canelle Up and Down Des Charmes D'Antan(Sire Lupus Gaars Zeb)
Winner Champion Class Female Djacinta Di Papalino(Sire Skymningen's Nicholas)
Winner Veteran Class Female Skymningen's Meduza



BIS Alex First Choice res BIS Up and Down's Axel

What can we say.............................It is a day to be proud as breeder and owner of all these lovely dogs!







10 February 2008 ,
International Show Eindhoven(Netherlands) judge Mrs Dolejsova

Alex 'First Choice CAC CACIB and BOB

Gracefull Ginny von Salamadertal Winner Youthclass and res Best Bitch

24 Februari 2008,Dog Of The Year Show 2007,Amersfoort,judge Mrs. Dekker,
Invited Antony,Up and Down's Frederike and Alex'First Choice!
Both Up and Down's Frederike and Alex First Choie represented the Up and Down's Kennel
Alex'First Choice was BIG-5!!!

1 March 2008,Groningen(Netherlands) International Show judge Mr. Hilverda
Alex'He's Jack Sparrow Best Youth and Youth CAC

Up and Down's Frederike CAC CACIB and BOB and later BIG-2!!!
Again Frederike has been qualified for the dog of the Year Show!!!
Caspian's Superlight Best Youth and BEST BITCH! BOS!!

Djacinta Di Papalino(Ph) CAC CACIB and BOB
Canelle Up and Down Des Charmes D'Antan Best Youth and res best bitch!!

A Superday with Superresults!

Today I visited my good friend Alie van Veelen,Kennel D'Alies Dog.
She has a wonderfull litter of Austrene Academy Award and Skymningen's Dora.3 girls and 2 boys!
 All Superphalenes! Aren't they great??



Clubmatch KC Emmen,The netherlands,
3 Februari,judge breedspecialist Mr. Prins


Alex He's A jack Sparrow BOB Puppy with very nice critics!

Alex 'First Choice BOB Papillon and BIG-2

Up and Down's High Noon BOS Papillon

A great day with Superresults!


Castrop Rauxel,
Germany,27 Januari 2008,
judge breedspecialist Mrs. Billhardt


Alex'First Choice CAC VDH ClubCAC and BOB!!

Up and Down's High Noon CAC VDH ClubCAC and BOS!!!!


Vermeil Des Charmes D'Antan VDH CAC

Again this weekend a wonderfull Show result for the Up and Down's kennel.
Nurnberg International Show,Germany,Golden Girl Von Salamantertal,BOB from Youth Class over 32 Papillons!
On her first Show! Proud Sire of this lovely bitch is Up and Down's Frederike.


The Year 2008 started very succesfull for the Up and Down's kennel

Hoogstraten,Belgium.International Show,judge breedspecialist Mrs De Wilde,

Alex'He's Jack Sparrow BOB Puppy with very promising critics!

Siljans Averil CAC CACIB BOS BOB Papillon!! And later BIG-4!!


Canelle Up And Down Des Charmes D'Antan Best Youth Dog with very nice critics!

  I got the confirmation that Siljans Averil was the TopPapillon for 2007 in France!!!  
  What a great succes for this little dog! 


Up and Down's kennel is proud to anounce the furure stars of 2008.
Caspian's Super Light(Co owned with Don and Sharon Mahoney),

Graceful Ginny Vom Slamandertal,
Canelle Up and Down Des Charmes D'Antan,

Alex's He's Jack Sparrow,






Welkom op de nieuwspagina van UP AND DOWN Papillon en Phalène
De Papillon en de Phalene zijn elegante dwergspaniels met een weelderige, mooie vacht, een licht gewelfde schedel, een lichte aanduiding van een oorhoofdsgroef, de voorsnuit is korter dan de schedel, gevuld onder de ogen, rechte snuit, duidelijke stop. Kleine zwarte neusspiegel, krachtig gepigmenteerde lippen, dun en droog, met tamelijk groot, donker en uitdrukkingsvol, amandelvormig, met zwarte oogranden. Tamelijk dunne, maar vaste oorlellen. De oren zijn tamelijk ver naar achteren op het hoofd geplaatst, en staan zo ver van elkaar dat de geronde vorm van de schedel naar voren komt. De Papillon (de variant met opstaande oren) moet hoog aangezette oren hebben. De onderkant maakt een hoek van 45 graden met het waterpas. De binnenkant van het oor heeft dun en golvend haar. De buitenkant is bedekt met lang haar, zgn. franje. De Phalene heeft hoog aangezette oren, die hangend worden gedragen en bedekt zijn met golvend haar dat zeer lang kan worden.
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