Reflections 2007

The Year 2007 was a great Year for the Up and Down's kennel.Again 3 Papillons owned by me were
qualified for the most prestigious Show in Holland The DOG OF THE YEAR SHOW 2007!!!

The famous Antony was qualified by winning the Group at the International Show Arnhem under
the famous judge Mr Frank Kane(UK)
His son the glamorous Papillon Up and Down's Frederike was qualified by becoming BIG-2 at
The International Show Eindhoven and BIG-3 Maastricht.
And my new boy coowned with his breeder Lotta Alexandersson the beautifull Papillon Alex'First Choice,
aka Morrs.This beautifull Papillon conquered Belgium,Germany ,France and Holland.He was qualified for
the dog of the year Show by winning the Toy group in Almere,BIG-3 Zwolle,
BIG-2 Bleijswijk and BIG-2 Wijchen.

Also in the UK the Up and Down's Kennel was very succesfull.At Midland Counties the BOB was awarded
to Antony by the famous breedspecialist Mrs. Jenny Scovell.His daughter Up and Down's High Noon
was 2 in her class!!! There was an entry over 208 Papillons .His son Up and Down's Frederike was
BISS at the Northern and Eastern Papillon Club(over 250 Papillons!!!).Both judges,Mr. Shilry and
Mr Bandelow decided without a hesitation to make Frederike BIS!Frederike gained his 2 CC!!!

Up and Down's Frederike was also BISS Clepnaco Winner 2007,judge Mrs.Bruce Jackson
BISS Dutch Papillon and Phalene Club Netherlands 2007 judge Mr.Shirley
Up and Down's Frederike was also BIS at Weijerbush (Germany)Mrs.
Hess.Frederike was also BIS at this Show in 2006!..........

The Up and Down's Kennel made up this year the following Champions

Up and Down's Frederike ,International Champion and German Champion
Boy Of Tony You Don't Fool Me EL Afrafi German Champion
Siljans Averil Dutch,Luxembourg,International,Belgium ,German and France Champion
Austrene Academy Award,International,Belgium,German and France Champion
Mondelis Lord O Delight,Luxembourg and France Champion
Up and Down's Higher and Higher Dutch Junior Champion
Up and Down's High Noon Dutch Junior Champion
Noble Nadirs Jeppe Dutch Junior Champion
Nouveau My Delight Luxembourg Champion
Vermeil Des Charmes D'Antan Dutch Champion
Caspian's FairyTale (Co owned with Don and Sharon Mahoney)Dutch Champion
Djacinta Di Papalino Dutch,International,German,Belgium,Swiss and France Champion
Alex 'First Choice(co owned with Lotta Alexandersson) Dutch Champion

At The EuropaSieger Show(Germany) the Up and Down's kennel was also very succesfull

Alex'First Choice CAC CACIB Europasieger 2007
Siljans Averil CAC CACIB Europasieger 2007

Djacinta Di Papalino CAC CACIB Europasieger 2007

At The National D' Elevage (France)

Alex First Choice CAC CACIB BOB BIG-2
Siljans Averil CAC CACIB and BOS

At The Brusselwinner Show

Noble Nadirs Jeppe Brussel Junior Winner 2007
Caspian's Fairy Tale Brussel Winner 2007 CAC CACIB

At The Bundessieger Show(Germany)

Alex' First Choice CAC CACIB Bundessieger 2007 BOB and BIG=3

Up and Down's Classic Carusso CAC CACIB Bundessieger 2007 BOB
Djacinta Di Papalino CAC CACIB Bundessieger 2007

At The Amsterdam Winner Show(Holland)

Siljans Averil CAC CACIB Winster 2007 and BOB!

Noble Nadirs Jeppe Youth Winner 2007

Djacinta Di Papalino Winster 2007 and BOB!

Up and Down Canelle Des Charmes D'Antan Youth Winster 2007

Also this year one of Skymningen's Nicholas Children gained an important Title,Djacinta Di Papalino became
European Winster 2007!!

I hope that 2008 will also be a succesfull year and the Up and Down's Kennel would like to thank all the judges who thinks
highly about my Papillons and Phalenes!I am looking forward to show my dogs in Europe and ofcourse in the UK!!!!

The Up and Down's Kennel wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Succesfull 2008 to the breeder,
exhibitors as well to the judges of this wonderfull breed!